Almanarre: one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

The Almanarre beach, located on Giens Peninsula in the town of Hyères, is the most famous beach in this region of the French Riviera. The Almanarre beach is open all year, access is free, and for your comfort many services are available, such as a parking area nearby. To ensure a maximum level of safety, the beach is also monitored by security officers during the summer season.

This beach of the city of Hyères was featured in the New York Times, a reference in the art of living.

Geographically speaking, the Almanarre beach is ideally located at the tip of the Gulf of Giens.


The Almanarre Beach is a 1.54 mile long beach. Swept by the mistral nearly one hundred days a year, it is one of the most favorable places to practice windsurfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing in Giens.

In Giens, people surf on one side of the peninsula or the other depending on the force of the waves and the direction of the wind; sometimes on the Almanarre beach in a westerly wind, or on the La Bergerie beach in a south-easterly wind.

The Almanarre beach is the most famous of the city, thanks to its famous spot which welcomes the fun board world cup every year, as well as the kitesurf world cup.


It is located along the Salt Road; there is white sand and a low water level, which allows children to swim safely.

On the other side of the Salt Road, there are the old salt marshes where you can see wild birds just feet away; in particular, many flamingos have made their home on this spot.

The Salt Road and the Almanarre beach are very pleasant meeting points to enjoy this sweet and calm region of the French Riviera. In an easterly wind, the Almanarre beach is protected, and the calm atmosphere that thrives there will allow you to relax and admire in peace a magnificent view in monochrome blue.


The highlights of the Almanarre beach

The Almanarre beach, which is open all year, is characterized by its fine sand, turquoise water, abundant sunshine and mild weather. In summer, a large car park area is open at the roundabout Almanarre, and several other car park areas are located on the Salt Road. It is a paradise for tourists, vacationers, windsurfers and other sport enthusiasts, who go there the whole year to live their passion.

It is a beach particularly suitable for children who can’t swim yet. For the first few feet, the ground slopes gently and the water is very shallow.


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