If you love beer, you will be delighted to discover LA TROP on your next visit to the French Riviera.

LA TROP is a local beer born in Saint-Tropez and produced in Hyères by a family brewery that meets the highest quality criteria.

LA TROP is a Provencal beer designed by the Carteron family. With their winemaking expertise, Mr. and Ms. Carteron and their team strive to create and promote an absolutely unique beer, developed with facilities specifically calibrated to produce their various Provencal beers.

The Carteron family has a point of sale in their brewery, which is open Monday to Friday. Tilou Location is a distributor of LA TROP beer. This will allow you to proceed with all your beer purchases even when the Carteron Brewery is closed. We welcome you every day of the week until 22 o’clock. You have the opportunity to buy this exceptional beer from the Côte d’Azur, especially when the Carteron brewery is not open (in the evening and on the weekend from Friday evening to Monday morning).


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LA TROP defines itself as a craft beer from Provence. The brand includes a product line of 4 beers, which the Brasserie Carteron, 6 time medal winner, calls “Les 4 Fantastiques”: La Rosée, L’Ambrée, La Blanche and La Blonde – each with its own history, style and unique taste. You can discover their universe and their history on the brand’s website: www.latrop.fr

After LA TROP “The spirit of the sun”, the Carteron brewery developed LA PURE “The spirit of Provence”, with an original size of 75 cl: a beer made with organic malt, matured in barrels, produced in a rosé and a blond version, with citrus notes tinted with pink grapefruit. This upscale beer has been specially crafted for more sophisticated gourmet moments. The roundness of its bottle approaches the style of sparkling wine and champagne without ever leaving the world of beer-making.


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The Carteron family opens its doors for visitors of its brewery in Hyères-les-Palmiers, so that you can discover its facilities, the world of beer manufacturing and the tasting of its beers.

This visit will allow you to discover a new facet of Provence. The Carteron family has created craft beers around the values of the traditional French brewery: the highest quality, innovation, passion and humility.

The Provencal brewery opens its doors in Hyères-les-Palmiers Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm. Visits take place twice a day at 11am and at 5pm, at the following address: 412 rue Philémon Laugier – Parc d’Activités Saint-Martin – 83400 Hyères-les-Palmiers – France.

Phone: 0033 9 84 00 12 80

Find all the information at: www.brasseriecarteron.com

Outside the operating hours of the brewery, Tilou Location can take over the distribution. By Tilou Location, you can then purchase – during the week, evening and weekend, between Friday night and Monday morning – all these exceptional beers from Provence, which were created by the Carteron family and its team.


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