Port-Cros Island

Port-Cros belongs to the archipelago of the Golden Islands, which surrounds Giens Peninsula, on the French Riviera, in the Var. The Golden Islands, which form a magnificent chain of islands, are also called the Stoechades, a term derived from a Greek word that evokes their aligned character: Le Grand Ribaud, L’Île de Bagaud, Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant.

Discovered by the Greek sailors, the Golden Islands were later the sanctuary of farmer monks before becoming a den of pirates who used to loot the ships of this region of the Var coast.

The island of Port-Cros was partially acquired in 1921 by Mr. Marcel Henry, a notary of the city of Hyères. Mrs. Henry donated the island of Port-Cros to the French state, asking the latter to create a national maritime park in order to protect the fauna and flora of this unique island in the world.


The Port-Cros National Park

The Port-Cros National Park, which was created in 1963, is one of the ten French national parks. It is the oldest maritime park in Europe. Today, the Port-Cros – Porquerolles National Park forms a set of 1,700 hectares of land and 2,900 hectares of sea, composed of the island of Port-Cros, the island of Bagaud, a large part of the Porquerolles island, L’Îlot de la Gabinière, Le Rocher du Rascas, as well as the surrounding waters. L’Île de Bagaud and L’Îlot de la Gabinière are integral sealed-off reserves.

The island of Port-Cros is a treasure for lovers of botany, geography, geology, topography, ethology and ornithology. As the birdlife is intact, the island of Port-Cros is a favorite spot for over one hundred and twenty species of migratory birds. There are many breeding birds as well as very rare species: yellow-legged gulls, European shags, Eleonora’s falcons, common kestrels, yelkouan shearwaters, common nightingales.

The island of Port-Cros is a delight for hikers, who can walk on the 19 miles of marked trails criss-crossing its forest. There are relatively rare species, such as Montpellier snakes or Ladder snakes. A steep island of great beauty, with dazzling azures, a crystal clear translucent water, prolific schools of fish, a carpet of dry needles, a vast maquis, a magnificent Mediterranean forest, limestone cliffs, lost creeks, shades of turquoise and infinite cicadas songs.


How to find a rental in Port-Cros

There are few rental apartments on Port-Cros Island. As such, renting an apartment on Giens Peninsula will allow you to easily organize your stay. From La Tour Fondue pier in Giens, you can embark to the magnificent Golden Islands: Port-Cros, Porquerolles, Le Levant, etc.

If you want to reside on Giens Peninsula, Tilou Location offers 4 luxury apartments, from 3 to 4 stars (aparthotel, studio or guest room). Our accommodations are ideally located just minutes away from the famous beaches of L’Almanarre, La Badine and La Bergerie. All hotels on Giens Peninsula being closed outside the summer period, Tilou Location is the only professional rental company that is open all year on the peninsula with short term rentals (rentals per night).

Tilou Location also offers a concierge service in Giens, which meets the standards of a high-class hotel: management of late arrivals, laundry, reservations (restaurant, kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving in Hyères / Giens in the Var, spa, cruises, etc.), luggage storage in Giens, free parking, Wi-Fi, catering services (breakfast, lunch and dinner), boutique on site for everyday purchases, management of transfers and bike rental in Giens.

Pets are welcome, if they are properly leashed and vaccinated.

Tilou Location is located in a protected residence on a private road, on Giens Peninsula, in the heart of the crystalline Provence. We also have safes for all your valuables: cash, checkbooks, watches, etc. Our apartments for rent on Giens Peninsula, which are ideally located a few miles away from the medieval city of Hyères-les-Palmiers, are only a few minutes walk away from the La Tour Fondue pier to the Golden Islands: Le Grand Ribaud, L’Île de Bagaud, Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant.


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